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Welcome to the e.quinox Wiki!

e.quinox is a student-led, non-profit, humanitarian project that hopes to bring cost-effective, sustainable renewable energy to developing countries. Here at e.quinox we strongly believe that technology can be a solution to many problems that we must face today. Our goal is to give communities a greater ability to help themselves through access to electricity. Our projects aim to find a financially sustainable way of providing electricity to poor, rural communities, not only by giving, but working with the communities in question. Through education and technology we wish to help improve the lives of many around the world.

For more general information about e.quinox please visit our website at www.e.quinox.org.
For members who wish to add and modify content to this wiki, please request an account by clicking here,
and take a quick look at the e.quinox Wiki Manual or the other material provided at the bottom of this page.



Projects Energy Kiosks Task Lists


Battery Box Development Stand-Alone Development Datalogging Development
Micro-Hydro Project Micro-Hydro Electronic Load Controller Research & Development
The Franchise Model

Energy Kiosks

Minazi Solar Kiosk Batima Solar Kiosk Kavure Solar Kiosk
Rugaragara Hydro Kiosk Gihara Grid Kiosk Mwanza Solar Kiosk
(The Tujifunze Project)

Working in Rwanda

Rwanda Travel Advice Transport Pricing Commodity Pricing
KIST Inventory Risk Assessment


Shopkeeper Profiles A Guide to Lead Acid Batteries Training & Manuals Product Specifications
Reports Application Notes Building a Solar Kiosk Contacts


General PCB Ordering Info Plant Composite Material EAGLE PCB Tutorial

Getting started

Project Evaluation

Socio-economic Impact assessment methodology Impact assessment data Evaluation guidelines Expedition reports References