Tanzania Tujifunze

Tanzania Tujifunze


In corporation with the Tujifunze Project, a small team of e.quinox went to Tanzania to install an energy kiosk there.

Founded in Canada, the Tujifunze projects aim is to build a small nursery school in Mwanza, which lies on the southern coast of Lake victoria. Our energy kiosk should not only provide the classrooms and teacher's accommodation with electricity but ideally generate enough revenue to pay the shopkeeper and the two teachers.

New to this project were the electrical installations for lights and power power sockets around the site. Part of the team arrived in mid August to get started with the electrical wiring. Due to shipment problems, the container with our equipment arrived about one month after schedule. Hence we had to prepare the work as good as possible to finish on time. In the end the goods arrived four days before we left and we could already make great use of our battery box lights as adding some night shifts was inevitable.

For equinox this is the largest system with around one kilowatt of power output (8 x 120 W solar panels). This design should provide power for two classrooms, two offices, accommodation for three people as well as recharge the battery boxes for the energy kiosk. Though it cannot support any high power devices, such as a kettles, as the power inverters (that convert the energy stored in the batteries to supply the mains) have an output of 750W.

Opening the kiosk was a big success and there seems to be a huge need for lights in the area south of Lake Victoria. Within two days our shopkeeper Zackarias signed up about 50 customers.

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