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e.quinox was invited to take part in the annual IET London’s Young Professionals Challenge on Monday. Our chairman, Abdalla, spoke at the event, which focussed on the evolution of the organisation's vision and history, in particular attention to the innovative technologies that e.quinox develops, and how we engage students in considering clean and sustainable rural electrification solutions in developing countries. The talk also covered e.quinox's experiences in delivering projects, the lessons learned and the state of future developments.

Team members Ali, Ashley, Leo, Lloyd and Michael participated in the challenge, which involves designing and building a device that can propel a table tennis ball. The team came up with the “bow and arrow” idea and won the challenge.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 13:01

Design of new generation battery boxes finalises

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The founding members of e.quinox manufactured their own battery boxes in the summer of 2009. In 2012, the e.quinox team revisited these roots to attempt to make a product range of locally manufactured products. Building on that success, the project teams have learnt valuable lessons from last year and aim now to implement an improved and expanded range of products for both the standalone and kiosk charged battery products.

The team plans to manufacture more of battery boxes for use in our Rugaragara Kiosk, also Izuba.Box Home and Pro. The 2013 design will incorporate a newly designed PCB mounted on a custom steel face plate to improve the connection tolerances and reliability.

We will also introduce a smaller standalone product. It aims to target market share of less affluent customers who can’t afford to access the Izuba.Box Home. It substitutes an LCD display for a system of informative LEDs. The box has a smaller overall form factor as a smaller 1000mAh battery is used. As well as a USB output for mobile phone charging and a DC jack for LED lights, there is also a dimming switch on the box to regulate light output.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013 21:38

e.quinox wins ICStartup Venture Catalyst Challenge

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We are very pleased to announce that we have won the ICStartup Venture Catalyst Challenge, in the 'Innovate' category. We have have been awarded £1,000 to invest in our business strategy for e.quinox products.

The ICStartup Challenge is a competition hosted by a partnership between entrepreneurial societies and organisations at Imperial College London. Their aim is to facilitate start-up ventures to grow further and to give financial backing from its partners as an investment into that growth. The e.quinox business model proposal earned a backing of £1,000 for us to roll out the initial phase of new product trials and to build upon previous work done in Rwanda and Tanzania.

We hope this will be kick-start our goal of reaching as many off-grid communities as possible.

Image courtesy of ICStartup

Saturday, 23 February 2013 22:23

e.quinox Alumni Day

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On Saturday 16 February e.quinox held its first Alumni Gathering at Imperial College London. It was a great opportunity for old and new members to mingle and provided a great opportunity for both sides to learn more about the history and future of e.quinox. 

We are delighted to have Azuri Technologies presenting on the day. Azuri Technologies provide clean-renewable energy to off-grid customers with their highly successful Indigo model. Two spin-off companies from e.quinox, Bboxx and Meshpower, were also there to introduce their ideas and share their experiences with e.quinox's members. 

There were also brainstorming sessions and workshops in both technical and business aspects. Charith from MeshPower ran a surface mount soldering tutorial while e.quinox explored the different ideas to improve the business model of the Stand-Alone project.

Thursday, 07 February 2013 13:38

Official opening of e.quinox's dedicated lab space

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This Tuesday evening (5th February 2013) saw the Electrical Engineering Department officially open the renovated 5th floor labs. 

E.quinox operates within these lab spaces on a daily basis and we were there to show off latest products and developments to the guests. Ali, Matt and Yuchen seen here were on hand to talk to sponsors and guests about the battery boxes we have developed in these labs as well as the energy kiosks we operate in Rwanda and Tanzania. 

We all look forward to using the new lab spaces, especially the new section officially dedicated to e.quinox and the ICRS teams at Imperial College London.

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