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The Franchise model is e.quinox’s third business model, after the energy kiosks and Standalone. This is still at an experimental stage but believe this could be a more cost-effective solution to the energy kiosks.

Business Model

We will rent local entrepreneurs a modified, up-scaled version of the modular Superpro solar system, by which they can operate businesses that charge small electrical appliances, such as mobile phones and solar lanterns. By miniaturising the kiosk system, the cost of the system and the risk of the business can be passed on to the local entrepreneur, greatly increasing the scalability of the solution. The cost for household customers can also be hugely reduced, since they will not have to own separate batteries and solar systems.

Objectives and goals             

Several short term technical goals have been identified which include the writing of a payment method protocol, testing and benchmarking for the performances of batteries and lanterns, and real-time data streaming and location tracking.


Meanwhile, a thorough survey is to be done this summer to identify consumption patterns and finalize the details for the pilot test next year. Ultimately we also aim to design a lantern that is safe, reliable, mechanically rigid and meets “Lighting Africa” standards. It’s manufacturing should also be simple enough to allow for local manufacturing.


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